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summer poem iii

You look like a guy i knew named dame, but he pronounced it dahm. White noise at the height. Humid afternoon science fair. Hair creases and dress creases. When will these theories be debunked? Nine bullet points and a mathematical pattern. Lifetimes and fluorescence.

summer poem ii

his chest was a jewish african american welcome heart basket, the summer sun said turn down the volume. underneath peach grass boys did chin ups in the park where anna k said not to go after dark. floppy bodegas passed dust go by. above a train cruised. a shepard stood with a book. my friend the lesbian took a bite out of her lover’s chin, and then it was time to go.

Unemployed 1: so are you unemployed?
Unemployed 2: well I'm planning on doing a start up

Mystic, Connecticut

summer poem i

i’ve been poor for so long now, eating crumbles and singing stones
the air is a hairnet, and my helmet bones
walk over the hills of harlem, school days itchy summer
helped a friend climb her mast, slurped coffee on the bow
funneling into sounds, the earth, its heart, on tape

Lifetime of Fluorescence

Pride 2014

Haribo: so much drama in this house
Melusine LFO modules. Mythic wave